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(notices filed through means other than DION System from 1 April 2003 to 2 October 2017)
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Name of substantial shareholder / directorName of listed corporation
- ARA Asset Management (Fortune) LimitedFortune Real Estate Investment Trust
- ARA Asset Management (Prosperity) LimitedProsperity Real Estate Investment Trust
- Eagle Asset Management (CP) LimitedChampion Real Estate Investment Trust
- Henderson Sunlight Asset Management LimitedSunlight Real Estate Investment Trust
- Regal Portfolio Management LimitedRegal Real Estate Investment Trust
- SodikinEmperor International Holdings Ltd.
Adams Anthony HaywardChina Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd.
Adams Robert ErnestCITIC Pacific Ltd.
Addison William TimothyShui On Land Ltd.
Adelson Sheldon GarySands China Ltd.
Agawa YutakaAEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Ahn Do IlTemujin International Investments Ltd.
Akathoottu Bava AshrafUnity Investments Holdings Ltd.
Akers Jones DavidChina Everbright International Ltd.
Akers Jones DavidCNT Group Ltd.
Akers-Jones DavidK. Wah International Holdings Ltd.
Albert Peter GeoffreyG-Resources Group Ltd.
Albert Peter GeoffreySmart Rich Energy Finance (Holdings) Ltd.
Aldinger William Frederick AldingerHSBC Holdings plc
Al-Khaled AhmadCrosby Capital Ltd.
Al-Khaled AhmadTechpacific Capital Ltd.
Allen BradfordITC Properties Group Ltd.
Allen Bradford WilliamSee Corporation Ltd.
Allen Nicholas C.Lenovo Group Ltd.
Allen Peter AnthonyPacific Century Insurance Holdings Ltd.
Allen Peter AnthonyPacific Century Insurance Holdings Ltd.
Allen Peter AnthonyPCCW Ltd.
Aloysius Yolanda NirmalaA-Max Holdings Ltd.
Al-Rashid Abdulrahman SaadCASH Financial Services Group Ltd.
Al-Rashid Abdulrahman SaadCelestial Asia Securities Holdings Ltd.
Al-Rashid Saad Abdulrahman SCASH Financial Services Group Ltd.
Altman Jeffrey AlanChina Everbright Ltd.
Altman Jeffrey AlanChina Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd.
Amelio William JosephLenovo Group Ltd.
Aminozzakeri MohamadSamson Holding Ltd.
Amour Peter FrancisSuncorp Technologies Ltd.
An DavidHans Energy Co. Ltd.
An DavidWisdom Venture Holdings Ltd.
An JingNew City (China) Development Ltd.
An JinpingNew Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd.
An LiyanJunefield Department Store Group Ltd.
An WeiChina Titans Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd.
An YuSungreen International Holdings Ltd.
An YuSungreen International Holdings Ltd.
Anak Temenggong Koh Temenggong Datuk Kenneth KanyanMing Pao Enterprise Corporation Ltd.
Anak Temenggong Koh Temenggong Datuk Kenneth Kanyan (Passed away on 01/03/2016)Media Chinese International Ltd.
Ancell James RossK. Wah Construction Materials Ltd.
Ancona Edgar David (Resigned on 01/09/2009)Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
Anderson Brian RalphKaisun Energy Group Ltd.
Anderson Dwight, WalterGuangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd. - H Shares
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