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Name of substantial shareholder / director: 香港鼎益豐國際控股集團有限公司
Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 01/01/1900 - 30/06/2010
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*Notes: (L) - Long Position, (S) - Short Position, (P) - Lending Pool

Form Serial NumberDate of relevant event (dd/mm/yyyy)Name of listed corporationNo. of shares bought/ sold/ involvedReason for disclosureAverage price per shareNo. of shares held after the relevant event (See *Notes above)% of issued voting sharesInterests in shares of associated corporationInterests in debentures
CS20171130E0002927/11/2007Ocean Grand Holdings Ltd.5,010,000(L)
HKD 0.3700298,007,369(L)
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