FORM 3A - Director/Chief Executive Notice - Interests in Shares of Listed Corporation
Form Serial Number: DA20220111E00415
1. Date of relevant event: 10/12/2021
2. Date when director became aware of the relevant event/ interest in the shares (if later):
3. Stock code: 02616
4. Name of listed corporation: CStone Pharmaceuticals - B 
5. Class of shares: Ordinary Shares 
6. Number of issued shares in class: 1,185,722,891
7. Name of director (English) as printed on HKID Card/Passport:
(Surname) Hitchner III
(Other names) Kenneth Walton
10. Name of director (Chinese):  
11. Chinese Character Code as printed on HKID Card:
24. Details of relevant event:
  Brief description of relevant event Capacity in which shares were/are held Number of shares bought/sold or involved Currency of transaction On Exchange Off Exchange
Before relevant event After relevant event Highest price (per share) Average price (per share) Average consideration (per share) Consideration code
Long position 
On listing of the corporation or a class of shares of the listed corporation
Short position 
25. Total shares in listed corporation immediately before the relevant event:
 Total number of sharesPercentage figure (%)
26. Total shares in listed corporation immediately after the relevant event:
 Total number of sharesPercentage figure (%)
Long position393,9810.03
27. Capacity in which interests disclosed in Box 26 are held:
Code describing capacityNumber of shares
2101Beneficial owner
Long position330,000
2101Beneficial owner
Long position63,981
28. Further information in derivative interests in listed corporation :
Derivatives code Exercise period (dd/mm/yyyy) Consideration - if derivatives granted by listed corporation Number of shares
  BeginsEndsCurrencyPrice for grantCurrencyExercise priceCurrencyPrice on assignment 
Long position
4108Unlisted derivatives - Other (you must describe the category of derivatives in the Supplementary Information box)
10/12/202110/12/2025HKD1    63,981
29. Further information in relation to interests of children under 18 and/or spouse:
Child/SpouseName of child/spouseNumber of shares
30. Further information in relation to interests of corporations controlled by Director:
Name of controlled corporationAddress and place of incorporationName of controlling person% controlDirect interest (Y/N)Number of shares
31. Further information in relation to interests held by Director jointly with another person:
Name of joint shareholderAddressNumber of shares
32. Further information from a director who is a trustee, or beneficiary of a trust, or a person who has set up a Discretionary Trust:
Names of TrustAddressStatus codeNumber of shares
33. Further information from a party to an agreement under Section 317 (Please see Notes for further information required):
Names of other partiesAddressNumber of shares
Total number of shares in which a director is interested under sections 317 and 318
34. Supplementary information: Box 28: Such shares represent the restricted shares granted and to be issued to Kenneth Walton Hitchner III pursuant to the Post-IPO RSU Scheme adopted by CStone Pharmaceuticals on March 22, 2019 and restated and amended on December 10, 2019 and January 7, 2020, as amended from time to time, and such grant was approved by the board on December 10, 2021.
35. Log/Serial Number of the previous form:
36. Number of concert party document(s) under section 317 attached/uploaded:
Date of filing this Form 3A: 11/01/2022