FORM 2 - Corporate Substantial Shareholder Notice
Form Serial Number: CS20190112E00001 
1. Date of relevant event: 31/12/2018
2. Date when the substantial shareholder becomes aware of the relevant event / interest in the shares (if later):
3. Stock code: 01918
4. Name of listed corporation: 融创中国控股有限公司 
5. Class of shares: Ordinary Shares 
6. Number of issued shares in class: 4,406,133,709
7. Name of substantial shareholder: South Dakota Trust Company LLC(该公司为孙宏斌先生家族信托的受托人,详情请见补充资料) 
8. Registered office: 201 South Philips Avenue, Suite 200, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 USA
9. Principal place of business in Hong Kong: N/A 
15. Exchange on which listed: N/A
16. Name of listed parent and exchange on which parent is listed: N/A 
17. Details of relevant event:
  Brief description of relevant event Capacity in which shares were/are held Number of shares bought/sold or involved Currency of transaction On Exchange Off Exchange
Before relevant event After relevant event Highest price (per share) Average price (per share) Average consideration (per share) Nature of consideration
Long position
1002You first acquire a notifiable interest because:
you were given the shares
2,042,623,884 HKD 0.0000
Short position 
18. Total shares immediately before the relevant event:
 Total number of sharesPercentage figure (%)
Long position00.00
19. Total shares immediately after the relevant event:
 Total number of sharesPercentage figure (%)
Long position2,042,623,88446.36
20. Capacity in which interests disclosed in Box 19 are held:
Capacity codeNumber of shares
Long position2,042,623,884

21. Further information in respect of derivative interests:
Derivatives codeNumber of shares
22. Further information in relation to interests of corporations controlled by substantial shareholder:
Name of controlled corporationAddress and place of incorporationName of controlling person% controlDirect interest (Y/N)Number of shares
Sunac Holdings LLC201 South Philips Avenue, Suite 200, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, USASouth Dakota Trust Company LLC100.00N
Long position2,042,623,884
Sunac International Investment Holdings Ltd3rd Floor, J & C Building, P.O. Box 933, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin IslandsSunac Holdings LLC70.00Y
Long position2,042,623,884

23. Further information in relation to interests held by substantial shareholder jointly with another person:
Name of joint shareholderAddressNumber of shares
24. Further information from a trustee, a beneficiary of a trust, or a person who set up a discretionary trust:
Names of trustAddressStatus codeNumber of shares
HBS Family TrustAddresses of individuals are not displayed.
5101Trustee of a trust
Long position2,042,623,884
25. Further information from a party to an agreement under Section 317 (Please see Notes for further information required):
Names of other partiesAddressNumber of shares
Total number of shares in which a substantial shareholder is interested under sections 317 and 318
26. Details of person(s) in accordance with whose directions the substantial shareholder or its directors are accustomed to act:
NamesAddressRelationship CodePercentage (%)
27. Supplementary information: 孙宏斌先生作为设立人设立了家族信托,South Dakota Trust Company LLC为家族信托的受托人,孙宏斌先生及其若干家族成员为家族信托的受益人。孙宏斌先生家族信托持有 Sunac Holdings LLC的100%股份, Sunac Holdings LLC持有Sunac International Investment Holdings Ltd 的70%股份。孙宏斌先生仍然为Sunac International Investment Holdings Ltd的唯一董事,仍然通过Sunac International Investment Holdings Ltd拥有Sunac China Holdings Limited的46.36%投票权。根据证券及期货条例,孙宏斌先生被视为拥有前述股份的权益。
28. Log/Serial Number of the previous form:
29. Number of concert party document(s) under section 317 attached/uploaded:
Date of filing this Form 2: 12/01/2019